Quincy Davis, University of Manitoba Professor of Jazz Drum-Set

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Let me just say, it is truly an honor to be a musician and I sincerely love what I do!

As the Assistant-Professor of Jazz Drum-Set studies at the University of Manitoba, I am currently sharing my passion and knowledge of jazz with very talented and passionate students. There’s a lot of talent up here in Winnipeg and all I gotta say is, 'Watch out, because here comes Canada!'

We are having a great time up here where we’re trying to get to the bottom of this whole swing thing and dealing with THE RIDE CYMBAL and jazz language. It is my belief that a strong base in the tradition-specifically bebop-gives one the vital tools necessary to smoothly move into the study of pretty much any genre of jazz. After tradition, the sky’s the limit!

You've come to the right place if you're a drummer and you like drummers like Philly Jo Jones, Art Taylor, Tony Williams, etc; while still being very interested in the great drummers of today like Gregory Hutchinson, Eric Harland, Bill Stewart, Lewis Nash, etc. Come and study with me and let’s explore this music together and I promise you will become a much more dynamic drummer.

Though I am teaching full-time at the University of Manitoba, I still am able to leave for tours and always love any chance I get to make music around the world.

Enjoy my site and get in touch with me if you feel so inclined. If you are interested in lessons, get in touch with me at Quincydavis@earthlink.net.